Friday, October 13, 2006

Power to the People

It was one of those Hollywood moments where everything seems easier and cooler than life itself. I was slowly coming down our street when I saw the truck from the electricity company coming round the bend. I buzzed down my window, held out my left hand, thumb up. The driver of the truck held out his left hand, thumb up.
Then he slowly drove away.

Some of the men sitting on the back of the truck started cheering "You got power!"

And, from afar, there was violin music.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm beginning to see the light

Before the li-et comes, there shall come a truck
and it shalt be a big ole orange truck with the divine letter marks and a skylift
and it shalt be parked in front on the building of the supreme being known as DG
it shalt be there on the fifteenth day after the darkness came
around lunchtime
and it shalt contain a small man
and the man shalt say: "Yes, sir, we go there" when asked if they are heading towards the valley of darkness, where few men dare to tread
and there will be much rejoicing
and the men will prepare to slaughter the pigs and chickens and fish found in the big freezer at south supermarket
and once more will there be edible products similar to dairy products
and the hand of the privileged yet annoyed expat shalt come upon the small man and the markings he represent should the annoyed expat find out the small man was bullshitting him