Monday, July 17, 2006

A call for help

The Philippines have the highest textmessage/capita rate in the world. EVERYBODY does it. Even my maid and yaya have more sophisticated cellphones then I have (Not that I have any top-of-the-line gear, but given that helpers' salaries are quite low, not to say embarrassingly low, they'd have had to put in at least a months salary just for the phone)

I regulary get about two text messages a week saying "wanna b my txtm8? pls txt bak" or somehing similar in shorthand Tagalog. I never reply to them anymore, after a initial mistake with a guy who turned out to be seriously gay and my wife started to wonder if this "Andy" really was a man.

Apparently people pick a random number to see if the person in the other end is lonely too. FDLP*-theory would be that when a densily population nation with a extended family culture gets urbanised, detached city people search for a substitute to cover up their rootlessness. A friend of a friend spends about 2000 PhP/months on text messages, equals about 60 a day.


This is my car. Sometime this morning an individual left an important message on it.

I prefer the "I wish my wife was this dirty".




secret wombat said...

Like the FDLP concept, LG. The pervasiveness of txting can be seen in things like:

1) People txting while conversing (NOT interrupting a conversation to txt, but actually doing both at once), and

2) The use of txt for 'official' business that would require at least a phone call in our home countries. This can range from setting up business meetings, booking accommodation and hair appointments through to receiving medical test results (as happened to a friend of mine - fortunately they were all OK).

Lone Gopher said...

The P can also be exchanged for Philosopher when appropriate. To prove the point "If the depths of late night conversions could be transgressed to the sunlight hours the world would be a very different place" etc.

I also like the fire department we you should txt in whenever there was a fire and the fact that people get stunned when you actually call them even though you still have the option to text.