Thursday, January 18, 2007

Time to cut your hair and get a job

Sometimes a single word changes your understanding of a different culture.

My youngest son, 2,5 years old, goes to a toddler school. Their theme for the week is "Community Helpers". We happen to have an "educational poster" of community helpers. (Educational posters are very common here, we have stuff with plants, musical instruments, national heroes, numbers, letters, fish, you name it)

Yesterday my wife L asks my son J how school has been.

He goes "Fine."

She turns to the poster and points at a police officer and says "Do you recognise this guy?"

He goes "Pig."

I'll tell ya, them kindergartens in the Philippines teach the kids at a completely different level.



Anonymous said...

Every swedish boy knows

Polis, polis potatisgris

Police, police potatopig

Lone Gopher said...


Key word here is POTATOpig, not POLICEpig (we do love our spuds in Sweden).

Also it should be every swedish boy living in Sweden knows....