Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I've been really lazy with posting and also returning e-mails (Karl, Micke, Daniel, Anders among aothers). Sorry about that. Some not-so-fun news.

Josef has tested positive for TB with a PPD-test (Purified Protein Derivate, the “positive” means he carries TB). We took the test when he was diagnosed with pneumonia. The doctor wanted to make sure no TB “was hiding” behind that pneumonia. We do not know when or from whom he got it (incubation can be weeks or years, tricky disease). We do not yet know if the bacteria are active or latent (if the TB-bacteria are causing his symptoms or if he “just” has pneumonia and the test “just” shows that he carries TB). Me, Lotta and our helpers got tested (x-rayed) yesterday afternoon. I will return today to get the results. I will inform you of developments ASAP. We'll also get a second opinion on josef's x-ray.

To be continued.




Anonymous said...

Så trist. Men god prognos om jag förstår rätt, även om det innefattar en lång behandling. Vi längtar efter Er här hemma i Sverige.
Många många kramar till alla!!

Lone Gopher said...

Jodå, prognosen är god. Han bör bli helt återställd så länge medicinen inte pajar hans lever (då måste vi sluta med dem) och/eller det är resistent TB. Men riskerna för det är inte så stora.